Stumbling Blocks


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End of the week and no one has rattled my cage.  Yet.

Because I'm sure by the end of the day something will happen to cause me grief.

Sometimes it pleases me so that I can moan about it.  Just like a poet.  But I don't have a poetic license.  Nor am I verbose.

So what should I write about today?  My imagination runs wild but when it comes to put the wild thoughts crossing my mind into words I fail.  Miserably so!

So I'll ask you a question: What do you do when you reach a stumbling block?



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Check out this uber-talented Ukrainian lady who won the Ukrainian Got Talent 2009 show.

Help Me!


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I'm looking for a good template but no such luck! 

Who can help me? Pretty please?

Something in pink preferably.  *grins*

Blogging Love


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It's been a few days that I've been going through what the bloggers call it, a blogger's block. I wasn't inspired to write anything. Nothing much is happening right now. By that I mean no baby mommas, no mother in-laws in sight. So I didn't rant much.

But this morning I saw that sweet Nina presented me with a blog award. (See award in the sidebar)

Thank you Nina! You're awesome. Thanks to you I've found a reason to keep blogging.

Now I have to pass on this blog award to 15 amazing people. So here goes my list:

I haven't been around much so I'll give away the award to the remaining 11 in time.

And Nina this one is for you!

I promise I'll be regular on the blogging scene as from now on!

Stick around!

Do I Smell Conspiracy?


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When I first met Baby Momma and her daughter from her current relationship, we hit it off right from the beginning. I grew fond of the little girl. We've had merry times together. However, day by day I've noticed that she was getting too 'friendly' as in asking me for gifts or snatching food from my hands. I don't like bad-mannered kids. The mother spoils her rotten and wouldn't instill in her the values or even teach her how to behave when she's out. It's true we were close but good manners insist that you ask before you take.

I spoke to Mr. Lover and told him the behaviour of that child disgusts me. Which made it harder for to spend time with her and Baby Momma. I let out a sigh of relief when I knew that I no longer had to suffer their presence in my life.

Imagine my disbelief when this morning I heard someone call my name. I looked back and saw the little girl. When her mother and Mr Lover fell out nearly 3 months ago the daughter stopped hollering.

So why did she call out today? Mmmm...I don't trust anyone. Something's up. Baby Momma keeps looking at me when she sees me pass by. It's like they are begging to be noticed. Usually Baby Momma and her mother would laugh out loud so that the whole neighborhood would know they're having fun. And now it's furtive glances, obsessive stares...

What are they up to? Or am I reading too much into it?

Neighborly Love


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My first serious post would be on my new neighbors. I'll do some gossiping too so mind you!

So my new neighbors, who've been in my bad books for a while now, live just behind my house where they can see everything I'm doing. Or not doing as per them. The daughter is also my lover's baby mother. They had a son 11 years ago. Mr. Lover and I have been together for almost 5 years now. The baby mother and I used to be friends until she started running her mouth about everyone, including Mr. Lover. Everytime we meet up and have a chat she would bring up the past and try to cause a rift between me and Mr. Lover.

I tried to keep away and be polite at the same time but it was not working. She wouldn't take the hint. Then she went off the 'good woman' track and decided being a wench and bitter woman is the best thing for her to do. On top of that, she along with her mother talk about everybody everyday.

To cut a long story short, we are sworn enemies now.

And so it will be till I die.

Please Subscribe!


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After countless attempts of creating a new blog I'm settling on this one.

I feel like a bachelor running away from overbearing mothers trying to marry off their daughters.

So what can you expect from this blog? Everything and anything under the sun. My cynicism added to the mix. I'm pretty sure you've heard it all before but not my version.

So please subscribe or bookmark this page and come back for more...

I'll hold true to the promise I made myself minutes more changing blogs...that's it...I'm staying put.