Stumbling Blocks


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End of the week and no one has rattled my cage.  Yet.

Because I'm sure by the end of the day something will happen to cause me grief.

Sometimes it pleases me so that I can moan about it.  Just like a poet.  But I don't have a poetic license.  Nor am I verbose.

So what should I write about today?  My imagination runs wild but when it comes to put the wild thoughts crossing my mind into words I fail.  Miserably so!

So I'll ask you a question: What do you do when you reach a stumbling block?



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Check out this uber-talented Ukrainian lady who won the Ukrainian Got Talent 2009 show.

Help Me!


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I'm looking for a good template but no such luck! 

Who can help me? Pretty please?

Something in pink preferably.  *grins*

Blogging Love


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It's been a few days that I've been going through what the bloggers call it, a blogger's block. I wasn't inspired to write anything. Nothing much is happening right now. By that I mean no baby mommas, no mother in-laws in sight. So I didn't rant much.

But this morning I saw that sweet Nina presented me with a blog award. (See award in the sidebar)

Thank you Nina! You're awesome. Thanks to you I've found a reason to keep blogging.

Now I have to pass on this blog award to 15 amazing people. So here goes my list:

I haven't been around much so I'll give away the award to the remaining 11 in time.

And Nina this one is for you!

I promise I'll be regular on the blogging scene as from now on!

Stick around!