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Posted on 5.11.09 | By Avery Spreading | In ,

It's been a few days that I've been going through what the bloggers call it, a blogger's block. I wasn't inspired to write anything. Nothing much is happening right now. By that I mean no baby mommas, no mother in-laws in sight. So I didn't rant much.

But this morning I saw that sweet Nina presented me with a blog award. (See award in the sidebar)

Thank you Nina! You're awesome. Thanks to you I've found a reason to keep blogging.

Now I have to pass on this blog award to 15 amazing people. So here goes my list:

I haven't been around much so I'll give away the award to the remaining 11 in time.

And Nina this one is for you!

I promise I'll be regular on the blogging scene as from now on!

Stick around!

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Hello. :) Thank you so very much for the award! And I'm glad you made your presense known at last. ;)


Thank you sweetie!
I'll post it in my Blog right now!!!

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